Dr. Przygoda is a Senior Medical Design Consultant specializing in designing microcontroller based medical devices with 20+ years of expertise in the design and development of applications and embedded systems in the medical field. During his professional career he helped many customers with his ability to understand and resolve technical issues.

His experience covers system architecture definition, hardware design (analog and digital), microcontroller systems design, software and embedded firmware, as well as project management and coordinating and leading development teams.

He is familiar with concept-to-product process (concept development, design, prototyping, quality assessment, domestic and international certificates, product documentation, product life cycle management), document control, specifying and writing requirements, and specification documentation .

His professional experience is backed up with extensive background in mathematics and physics and in-depth understanding of relationship between hardware and low level software, and superior hands-on background in debugging and bringing up digital/analog hardware circuits.

He has experience in the field measurement of non-electrical quantities, sensors and transducers, and data acquisition. He is a co-founder of Medical Design Solutions, Inc., a medical design consulting house located in Milpitas, California, where he presently holds a position of Vice President of Electrical Engineering.

He enjoys working in startup environment. His broad experience helps increase efficiency of design and expedite the design process allowing to bring the project from concept phase to production phase.

Dr. Przygoda is a Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA) member, a Certified Professional Consultant (CPC), and a IEEE-CNSV member.

He is an Authorized Microchip Design Partner.